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Chaille Bajocienne

Material name: Chaille Bajocienne
Synonyms: Chaille des calcaires jurassiques luxembourgeois; Hornstein
Material (geologic): Middle Jurassic (Bajocian) chert

Detail of chaille
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2001

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General characteristics

(In part adapted from Theis 1984 and Krier et al. 1986

Geographical setting: N/A
Material and colour: N/A
Other information: N/A
Knapping notes: N/A
Archaeological description: N/A

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Bache Jang
Locality: Bache Jang near Differdange-Obercorn, Luxembourg
Synonyms: Kuelesgrond. FlintSource sample 319.
Geographical description: WhereItIs
Geographical co-ordinates: Lat. 49° 30' 08" N
Long. 005° 52' 32" E
(Mapdatum WGS 84)
Co-ordinate precision: Precision
Other topographical information: HowToGetThere
Additional information: View across sampling location
Foto: Rengert Elburg, 2002
Visitors information: PlacesToEatAndDrink
Sampling information: N/A
  Small flake of typical chaille
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2002
Close-up of a small flake of 'chaille bajocienne'
length: 38 mm
Fragment of typical hornstone
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2002
Fragment with numerous inclusions, consisting mostly of fossils.
size: 72 mm
  nodule with cortex
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2002
Nodule of finer material with thick cortex
length: 58 mm
Piece of patinated chert
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2002
Piece with cortex and yellowish patina.
size: 55 mm
Sample description: N/A

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