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Puerto de Laredo

Material name: Laredo Beach flint
Synonyms: N/A
Material (geologic): Redeposited flint

Close-up of Laredo flint
Photo: John Rissetto, 2007

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Puerto de Laredo
Locality: Puerto de Laredo, Cantabria, Spain
Synonyms: N/A
Geographical description: Redeposited nodules on the beach near sea level
Topographical map 1:25 000 36-III Laredo.
Geological map 1:50 000 36 Castro Urdiales (1982) 20-04 .

Length of identified source area: N/A
Thickness of chert bearing layers: N/A
Type of source: secondary.

Geographical co-ordinates: Lat. 43° 25' N
Long. 003° 25' W
(Mapdatum WGS 84)
Co-ordinate precision: The coordinates are given to the nearest minute. If you need more detailed information about this location, please contact the author.
  Brown chert
Photo: John Rissetto, 2007
Small nodule of brown flint with typical 'beach wear' surface.
light chert
Photo: John Rissetto, 2007
Freshly split nodule showing internal fractures.
  Whiteish chert
Photo: John Rissetto, 2007
Rolled piece of very light-coloured flint with numerous incipient cones.
Sample description: Host Rock according to the 1:50 000 map from the Instituto Geologico Y Minero de España (IGME) (Spanish - English)
N/A (Secondary deposit on beach)

Chert quality: high.
Form of nodules: amorphous nodules.
Maximum dimensions of nodules: N/A cm.
Fracture pattern: conchoidal.


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