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Material name: flint
Synonyms: N/A
Material (geologic): Upper Cretaceous flint
Detail of flake from Fallais
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2001

Locality: Fallais, Rue du céntenaire, Liège/Luik province, Belgium
Synonyms: N/A
Geographical co-ordinates: UTM:
652550 East
5610450 North
(Zone 31)
(Mapdatum: European 1950)

Co-ordinates taken off a detailed topografic map with an UTM-grid (Topografic map 1: 50 000, sheet 41 Waremme of the Belgian natinal geografic institute) and some detailed sketches of the mining-site, the location is exact within approx. 50 meters. As the exposure is immedeately behind the cemetry of Latinne, it's a hard spot to miss.

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Additional information: Primary exposure behind the cemetry of Latinne
Foto: Rengert Elburg, 1999
For a full-blown picture of this sample, click here (54 KBytes). Flake of very fine flint with cortex
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2001
Piece of a greyish variety with chalky patches
Foto: Matthias Rummer, 2001
For a full-blown version of this picture, click here (43 KBytes).
Material and colour: N/A
  Church of Avennes, completely built of flint
Foto: Rengert Elburg, 1999
Archaeological description: N/A

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